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of  Marcia Snedecor
E t h e r e a l  A r t
Visit All Six Fine Art Galleries of Goddess, Spiritual, Mythology and Nature inspired artwork.
Gallery One

Forest Goddess
...growing towards the light

Gallery Two

Spiral Dance
...the mystic spiral lives

Gallery Three

Axis Mundi
...a soul's journey home

Gallery Four

Illustration &
...hidden imaages

Gallery Five

Prayer & Meditation
...into the living ether

Gallery Six

Spiritual Drawings
...archetype and symbol

Offering a selection of  eight different 5 x 7
Blank Note Cards with an Inspirational Message on the Back
The art  you will see here speaks with the universal
language of archetypal symbols which serve  as
psychic touchstones for spiritual expression.
Six Art Galleries inspired by Nature, mythology and the Divine Feminine